Sangoma Film Project. Returning Home!

Can we find deeper meaning and higher joy in today’s world? Are there way’s of accessing extraordinary healing and a range of incredible experiences? Sadly, our oldest human spirituality and the people who practice it are quickly dwindling into extinction. Join us on this co-creative project to preserve and share this vital wisdom with our world! You can donate directly to Pay Pal with link below or join Kickstarter, A new way to fund and follow creativity. 

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Winter Travels and Film Project!


Steve and Shannon will be traveling throughout South Africa this winter working on a Film project with Niklas Schrimpf, Roger Ingraham and Tarynn Wiehahn. Our focus is to help raise awareness on Songoma's, Shaman's of South Africa. I posted our introduction video below. If you're inspired about this project, we invite you to consider helping us spread the word. Our goal is to crowd-fund the film. The way kickstarter works is a beautiful give and receive relationship- it offers perks and benifits for contributions. Lets co-create together!! 



The 2010 One Night Show featured Mike Cohen Kirtan, Shannon McCarthy's tour of her 2010 Paintings, a short film screening by Roger Ingraham, and the work of a team of Collaborating Artists. Natural gourmet treats was served. 

One night a year, one phenomenal experience!


             Save the date for 2011!     







Video from our ClearPoint Cleanse Retreat Weekend.

Nutritional Cleanse Call Recording.

Learn why we all need to support the body temple through Nutritional Cleansing and Replensihment.

The secret to weight release, mental clarity, energy, and creativity. 

There is only one disease and the two primary causes.


America runs on this but the Vita-Mixer can't!

Steve tries to blend a popular breakfast in the Vita Mixer and runs into trouble. Thankfully there is help!

Clear the Fuzz!!!

Check out this incredible video of clearing inner fuzz.


Go Greens! Tele-Class Recording!

Listen in as Steve and Shannon share thier passion about Greens. This is an action packed call with lots of dynamic information.


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